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Here is a little about R U TAINTED?


1996 was the year it humbly began. The Rinx in Toronto was the location and rollerblade parties were the business. Success was gained, but the need for the upcoming club crowd was quickly realized. The demand for a new atmosphere, new ideas, style and vibe was erupting.Seizing the potential to shape the event and clubbing world for years to come, Tainted was born.

Tainted Entertainments business is promotion, events, and designation management. We have become an industry leader. Our expertise in creating fashions, vibe, culture, promoting new trends and carefully developing original mind-blowing marketing strategies has tainted the industry with our brand exclusivity. Organizing unforgettable soirées at prominent clubs, concerts events, outdoor festivals, boat cruises, brand launches and world tours to the hottest destinations is how Tainted has gained its spotlight.

After years of a successful record of accomplishments, Tainted has become intimately acquainted with the high-end social scene. The rising demand for exhilarating events and clubbing experiences challenged Tainted to raise the bar to the next level. Strategic associations with various companies to expand the brands network of capabilities were formed. Tainted became the who’s who of the partying world.

Thus, as Tainted grew, so did the demand for exposing the brand to new locations across the world. From Toronto, to Montreal, Vancouver and Miami, New York to Las Vegas, Cancun and Italy, Barcelona, and our hottest party destination Ibiza Spain, our travel capabilities are endless. Now working closely with many entertainment organizations such as Amnesia, Made in Ibiza Ibiza, Pacha, Showtime Entertainment, Wet Jam, Supreme Promotions, Synergy Entertainment, Party Time Entertainment and worldwide organizers, there is no other company that can provide the lifetime experiences that we can.

R U Tainted has been serving the entertainment world for over 14 years.  Our services and solutions work in synergy with all aspects of any event or travel need with groups ranging from 50 – 100,000’s people in attendance.  Featuring destination management to the world’s top and most exotic places on earth, R U Tainted has worked and partnered up with the world’s greatest marketers, promoters, trend setters, media grants, and the who’s who of the business . This hands on experience has given us the edge and the key eye of vision, look, vide and feel to bring success to any event or travel venture.

Disclaimer: Our staff suffers from extreme DTS (Drive To Succeed)!

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