What is Mingle Media?


Mingle Media is a Toronto based firm offering one stop solution to all of your marketing needs.

At Mingle Media we work hard to be one of the most results-oriented advertising agencies in Canada. Our dedicated advertising and marketing team at Mingle Media, is a specialized task force of seasoned advertising professionals whose aim is to increase how effectively you advertise and promote your business across all your media channels. Each member comes from their own area of expertise, from strategic and business planning through to creative concept, copy writing, design and implementation.

To do so we approach your market with a curious mind, and a deep desire to understand your business the way you do. With fresh eyes we’ll look at your business model and market, and find new ways to make your communications across all your chosen media more creatively and strategically effective.

Our dedicated interactive development team at our Toronto office will create a Web presence that works hard for your business, and integrates into the rest of your communications and marketing plan. Our team includes designers, writers, programmers, IT staff and search engine experts. They are backed by a team of strong marketers, project managers and researchers.


Our Methodology


The world is instant. Your Business must be too.

Mingle Media believes that tomorrow’s leaders will be those organizations that capitalize on technology to harness the information they gain through consumer insights.

These organizations will:

Explore better ways to create customer loyalty.
Design new processes and methods to meet changing customer and constituent demands
Interact with customers, employees and partners more quickly, and with greater personalization.

Mingle Media has a vision for all organizations.

  • Build your brand image
  • Increase Traffic to your website.
  • Improve Search engine ranking by more website traffic and relevant content.
  • Build your social media – Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter
  • Keeps visitors on your website longer and better your brand recognition.
  • Makes it easier to reach new leads and build sales.
  • One stop shop printing and direct mail source
  • Build VSEO and rank at the top

We’re just getting started on this path.
Yet, you can get started today by talking to one of your experts.
This is a great way to learn more about the areas where you experience the most difficult marketing challenges.
Let your voice be heard. I encourage you to start here on your journey with Mingle Media.