Team Mingle

Mingle Media is a team of leading web designers, search engine optimization & social media fanatics, strategic thinkers,  printers, event planners, and entrepreneurial visionaries. Our approach to building our business has been to attract the best talent, create a unique and strong relationship, and learn from client experiences, thus enabling us to provide winning solutions and concepts solutions since 2000 that continually improve and exceed client’s expectations.

Why choose Mingle?

The most interesting aspect of the internet’s for example is the  impact on society from our perspective is how it has changed the nature of business and subsequently the shape of every marketing channel. Once upon a time, if a company was interested in selling products or services, they could use traditional outbound marketing mediums available to them (i.e. flyers, trade shows, mail – Good thing were experts in that market as well to make that statement) Today, that same process looks very different. Cross media is the key to tie it all in together! However the internet is a great place to make a big impact fast and less the cost of traditional media.

All businesses and brands need an online and social web presence for a single, fundamental reason just to paint a picture – that’s where the customers are. Brands that aren’t represented on the web are missing a significant opportunity that another business is more than happy to seize. You want more leads, sales and traffic? Of Course you do…

The result of this “fundamental” shift is that the internet has tended to make every marketplace more “efficient and more profitable.” It provides a level playing field for any business that is on the internet, where no one can tell if you are a one person sole proprietorship or a fortune 500 company. How you reach or target your audience depends directly on how you position brand / business on the web and how well you take advantage of the online tools already available to you (i.e. Social Media, Search Engines, Software, platform solutions and now Video Search engine optimization etc)


Mingle Media offers your one stop shop solution – take a look at our services and you be the judge.


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