Managed Services

Mingle Media provides expert staff and a suite of managed services integrated with our Platform that reduce the time to market & cost, risk, miraculous traffic and complexity of deploying world-class effective -delivered solutions. Our driven results and strategy driver get the ROI. We have a knowledgeable team in-house from SEO to SMO to Community engagement to custom solutions to fit your precise requirements.  We have solutions that combine unique tactics and integrated through results driven services. Mingle Media combination of integrated service management, security, and quality assurance is guaranteed to increase functionality and scalability while minimizing operational and maintenance costs.

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Benefits, Reach, Engage

  • Create calls to action and Expand your reach,. engage your audience like never before with our platform. Convert your traffic to real leads, visitors and  sales.
  • Strong and Robust Campaigns
  • Mingle Media offers dynamic campaigns for business through cross media and deep integration with the world’s leading social media platform  channels.
  • Flexible, Reliable, Trustworthy
  • Mingle Media Managed and Platform Services have been built into a highly effective service delivery framework, allowing us to maintain extremely high levels of availability while allowing incredible flexibility and rapid change for business needs.
  • Global Connectivity & Engagement
  • Mingle Media services have been specifically designed to cope with web applications from browser to mobile that need reliable deliver services and outside the box engagement.
  • World-Class Hosting
  • Mingle Media offers clients world-class hosting facilities located across Canada and The US. Our 24/7 data centers include shared facilities specifically suited to the platform; events and festivals, retail, media and entertainment and all industries whether the size world wide, including access to satellite facilities or dedicated encoders

Copy writing Services

  • Article writing to promote sites
  • Proper SEO content writing