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Email marketing and campaignsTargeted Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective method of Internet Marketing, which provides a business with the ability to directly communicate a corporate message to a targeted audience.  Newsletters, customer updates, promotions or other marketing message distributed to a recipient through email marketing come at a cost a fraction that of similar traditional advertising means.  At Mingle Media we create impactful campaigns based on eye-catching designs, articulate content, recipient management, campaign result analytics and customer conversion.



Targeted Email marketing

Email Marketing delivers information, promotions, newsletters and targeted products or services to a targeted audience.  We have access to thousands to millions of target audiences wanting to know about your products and services. This is direct marketing at its best, with a means to measure the effectiveness of consumer interest and ROI. Thanks to our development team, testing, deployment, and of course our outside the box methods.  Mingle Media is strategic and credited with continually generating high response rates to clients’ / company launches, newsletters, surveys, and deals / promotional campaigns world wide.