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Our Mingle Media web design team will guide you through an intricate process of discovery were we investigate your organization and brands interior composition, target audience and objectives as well as unearth the exterior competitive environment in aim of outlining a solid web strategy geared for results.


At Mingle Media we know that distinctive design and compelling content provoke the type of reactions that generate sales. Our team of professional web designers and copywriters work hand in hand to provide our clients with the right melody of graphics and linguistics to stimulate their target audience.


Even though image is important, it’s not the only spoke in the wheel. Proper web design employs an experience that is practical, easy to use and navigate, interactive and forges repeat visits. Most importantly it turns visitors into customers and customers into brand advocates.


mingle media offers website developmentWebsite Development



In an industry that is constantly evolving Mingle Media knows the importance of riding the wave of change rather then drowning beneath it. Our Web development team realized the impact of new trends and works hard to continually improving our systems and software by following best industry practices, which in turn lowers development costs, turn around time and increase return on client’s investment.


Through application development Mingle Media has generated solutions that give our clients the toolbox to carry out their online objectives.  We have an array of tools at your disposal, which makes your site easy to manage, simple to update and a breeze to maintain.  If your requirement is more complex we will work with you to create a robust custom solution to satisfy your needs.




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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a process that creates brand awareness and exposure through strategic interaction with popular social media networks such as, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogs and others.  In today’s business world a company requires a social voice and Mingle Media has the tactics and tools to help your company create interest, engage and interact with customers as well as drive traffic from social media networks back to your site.  This will aid in increasing your search engine positioning.  Social Media Marketing provides an interesting medium for companies to learn, adapt and act on changing customer requirements through social involvement in your products or services.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)mingle media seo services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) positioning is the essential instrument of Internet marketing; it’s the most cost effective form of marketing that yields a higher ROI then any other comparable form of marketing. For your site to become visible to popular search engines and be ranked high in their organic search results, one must employ proper SEO Tactics.  Our SEO experts will make search engine submissions, analyze your sites front end and enrich content and visual media with targeted keywords as well as assign key words to back end components to make your website both search engine and user friendly.


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App Development

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt touted the idea of “mobile first,” or the notion that most things are now being created with mobile in mind. “We understand that the new rule is mobile first,” Schmidt said. “Mobile first in everything. Mobile first in terms of applications. Most first in terms of the way people use things.

Business applications are the key to staying ahead of competition. Taking full advantage of the possibilities on the Internet, we combine our business experience with technical expertise and knowledge to develop web applications tailored to each client’s specific business needs. We work on a simple principle which is to deliver unparalleled value to your business. Therefore, while designing the apps we ensure the technology is latest to incorporate all the amazing features, yet easy enough to be understood and used. Before delivering the application to you, we conduct in-house testing based on standard compliance procedures to make sure you enjoy stable and uninterrupted operation and superior performance. This also eliminates any problem that our clients may have to face later.


Professional Content Writing:

Your website or blog is the first platform where your client meets you. Those initial five minutes are going to decide whether the potential customer wants to stay on and read further or close the window and move on to some other website. The ‘other’ website could be of your competitor’s as well! Information sharing is the key to online business. However, this information must be interesting, catchy, informative and to the point. To ensure the visitor stays over for considerable time, you require professional content writing assistance from someone who knows how online communication works. Our professional team of highly qualified writers combine effective marketing strategies to compose content which is original and calls for action – promising no visitor leaves the page within five minutes.


 mingle media offers custom promotions and contest campaignsContests and Promotions:

People love contests, discounts and promotions which promise giveaways, deals and exciting prizes. However, to entice customers with promotions and increase sales, you need to make sure you offer them more than they have been expecting. The theme built for this exercise should be well-designed and well-thought out to guarantee maximum sales. After all, the purpose behind this is not only to offer existing or potential customers freebies but also to make it work for you by generating revenue. Our professional team which we proudly call experts understands what the audience wants. No matter how limited your budget might be, we can work around that amount and come up with exciting contests and promotions which can make the customers enthralled.




Facebook Fan Page Design:

What makes Facebook so famous is its ability to captivate its users. As lives become busy people want easy solutions. Something that doesn’t take much time in reading the entire content or understanding what you’re about to tell. The first thing that grabs their attention is the design. Therefore, it is essential that you make design one of your most important tools for communication. Our qualified designers understand Facebook communication. They know what works on it and what doesn’t. Just guide them about your business and they will come up with a design which is catchy, appealing yet informative and interesting adding value  to your business. No user will leave without ’liking’ the page.

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Visual Studio (Video and Photography):

We also run a visual studio which delivers video and photography services in a professional, cost-effective and timely manner. Being trained in photography and video production our creative team knows all there is to know about angles, motion and the sound. We have a unique shooting style which beautifully captures your special moments. And that is why our customers keep coming back to us. Our attention to detail, state-of-the-art equipment and premium service available at affordable prices is what makes us stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a family portrait or an industrial shooting we can help you lay out a solution.



mingle media services printing and design

Printing Services:

Our high end printing services are focused on quality and value from inception of the concept till the completion of the project.  Our experienced team of specialists loves creativity which keeps itself busy by introducing and improving creative ways of sending message across professionally.We offer a complete range of solutions from floor design to standees, signage and posters. All printed in high definition formats and digital colors. Every step of our job is done with precision and care. Whether it is color proofing, color retouching, design, prototype development, die-cutting, finishing or packaging, we do not deliver until we are satisfied ourselves.




Web to print software:

Web to print is an enabling technology for printing and publishing businesses. Stay tuned to know more about our offering.



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Direct mail:

Utilizing latest innovation and state-of-the-art equipment, on an average, we produce mail shipment of over 800,000 pieces per day. We follow strict quality assurance standards whereby we are able to provide a wide range of print and mailing services to all sorts of customers.

By fulfilling most of our products and services internally, we can help you leverage cost adding up to significant savings not only in terms of time saved on research or marketing products and solutions, but in fixed costs to run a marketing campaign. Our innovative ideas with leading edge technology are at the forefront of the industry. The entire data processing, custom programming, personalization, and fulfillment are produced within our facility providing a seamless approach to product development and production.