R U Tainted Entertainment

Mingle Media provided


Web 2.0 solution

Integration with social media

Design, Print and Direct mail services


a little bit about R U TAINTED?

1996 was the year it humbly began. The Rinx in Toronto was the location and rollerblade parties was the business start for R U TAINTED. Success was gained, but the need for the upcoming club and festival driven crowd was quickly realized. The demand for a new atmosphere, new ideas, style and vibe was erupting. Seizing the potential to shape the event and clubbing world for years to come, Tainted was born.


Mingle had the opportunity to design all graphics and printing needs, Build their social media channels and also to Integrate a custom community. Mingle media did the Website design and logo for R U Tainted. To add more effectiveness in sales and to go a step ahead in the world of marketing, R U Tainted did the Community building and awareness campaign worldwide, with Mingle media.

Mingle Media also worked on the Cross media development of QR code, Print , direct mail to email marketing for this blooming event company.

All media support which include, print, design, web, SMO, SEO, PPC, backend development for their travel, events and adventure needs. We worked closely and the RUTainted world wide to formulate a world tour from Canada and the US for Made In Italy Ibiza.

Made In Italy IBIZA is an event and performance base show theme. They have been 16 years in IBIZA, the world’s best party island and world wide exposure and still going strong.