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We started in 2000 with With attention to every detail and a reputation as a trendsetter, Mingle Media Group Inc has no limitations. Our aim is to work within a client’s own vision in order to meet and surpass their expectations. Success begins at Mingle Media Group.


Our team of professionals will make your business shine with a vast array of services. We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure that all your goals and objectives are met with fresh and innovative strategies.

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Mingle Media is a team of leading web designers, social media fanatics, seo expert’s, and entrepreneurial visionaries. Our approach to building our business has been to attract the best talent and learn from client experience, thus enabling us to provide web solutions since 2002 that continually improve and exceed client’s expectations.




The most interesting aspect of the internet’s impact on society from our perspective is how it has changed the nature of business and subsequently the shape of every marketing channel.  Once upon a time, if a company was interested in selling products or services, they could use traditional outbound marketing mediums available to them (i.e. flyers, tradeshows, mail)


Today, that same process looks very different. All businesses and brands need an online and social web presence for a single, fundamental reason – that’s where the customers are. Brands that aren’t represented on the web are missing a significant opportunity that another business is more than happy to seize.


The result of this “fundamental” shift is that the internet has tended to make every marketplace more “efficient.” It provides a level playing field for any business that is on the internet, where no one can tell if you are a one person sole proprietorship or a 1000 person consultancy. How you reach or target your audience depends directly on how you position yourself on the web and how well you take advantage of the online tools already available to you (i.e Social Media, Search Engines, Software, etc)




Mingle Media vision is to provide a (killer) marketing application that translates into significant visibility by the search engines, encourages return visits, and turns a static website into a modern marketing machine that produces the right leads and helps convert a higher percentage of them into qualified opportunities.




The company is based in Toronto, Ontario at


We Suffer from DTS


Disclaimer: Mingle Media Group suffers from extreme DTS (Drive To Succeed)! Our team is all about driving results and exciting world wining concepts and the best ROI.